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We got to start another business...a candle company

We reported on SEYU's second birthday some time ago. A lot has happened since then. In the summer we were able to found another company, the Sternkerze label take over.

Star candle – Each candle is lovingly produced by hand in socially committed integration workshops

Of course, SEYU sunglasses are also very useful in winter. Just think of the wonderful days in the mountains, be it skiing, snow hiking or tobogganing: here too, our sunglasses not only protect your eyes, they also complete the perfect winter look. But due to the shorter and darker days, sunglasses are probably not the most used accessory in winter.

Things look completely different with candles. Because they provide a pleasant, warming and relaxing light, especially in the cold season, and conjure up a magical atmosphere in no time. They are short of the perfect winter accessory.

In the spirit of this addition, we founded another company together with Elisabeth Villiger this year and took over the Sternkerze label from the company ActiveDesign.

The same values ​​count here as at SEYU: star candles are made by hand and with great attention to quality. In addition, the company, which was initially set up as a family business, ensured from the start that the wonderful, star-shaped light sources were manufactured in socially committed integration workshops - in Zurich and Basel - and thus secured protected jobs.

And last but not least, both products also meet another criterion: they are ideal as a gift for your loved ones and also for yourself - and will definitely spread joy to everyone.