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SEYU in conversation with Zurich District 8

“Sunglasses shouldn’t just look beautiful”

Ali Imren and Tim Bosshardt not only share an apartment in Zurich but also a love of design and aesthetics. While looking for beautiful and affordable sunglasses, the two business students found a new business idea: SEYU! Your sunglasses should impress with a stylish and timeless design, be affordable and, above all, produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Sunglasses give the wearer a touch of casualness, bring color into life and exude summer feelings.

The two founders design their models in Zurich. They are inspired by the unique diversity, landscape and culture of Switzerland. They process these into elegant sunglasses using high-quality materials and under fair conditions in Italy. After long development and numerous prototypes, SEYU was finally able to go into production this spring. Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus, they were not able to finish producing all models. But they are confident that they will soon be able to go full throttle again. Because sunglasses from SEYU are associated with positive vibes and the sunny side of life. And that’s exactly what we’re looking forward to after Corona!

Text: Anja Lepcevic

Source: Zurich District 8